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Dr. Robert Field

Dr Field has been associated with solving air quality problems at a governmental management level. His early work was associated with ozone control policy for the United Kingdom. He performed the first validation of the UK national Emission Inventory for VOC. He was also a UK Government representative on European expert panels that considered air pollution measurement methodologies. His last government position was in Europe where he worked for the European Reference Laboratory of Air Pollution based in Italy. His work at the European Commission’s Institute for Environment and Sustainability assessed the applicability of regulatory monitoring sites as indicators of population exposure to air pollution, with emphasis on benzene. In 2006 he returned to the University of Wyoming and in 2008 established a mobile laboratory to assess the emerging issue of wintertime ozone in Sublette County. This work is ongoing, initially considering the scope of ozone episodes, and is now focused upon better understanding of ambient methane behavior and the spatial and temporal trends of ozone precursors. Dr Field successfully managed the ozone air quality monitoring project, from 2008 to 2010, in Sublette County. This project helped to define the scope of wintertime ozone episodes in this region.