"There is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described."

(Garry Winogrand, photographer)

LWC instrument comparisons. Posted October 6, 2004.

Summary of findings for rf05. Paper for the International Cloud Physics Conferencee, 2004. Posted March 17, 2004.

rf01 no drizzle portion. Images and statistics of reflectivity and vertical velocity for the non-drizzling portion of RL2, 1155-1207 UTC.

rf07 reflectivity pdfs given here show that the drizzle rate decreased during the night between 0800 and 1400 UTC. Posted September 24, 2003.

" Indentifying drizzle within marine stratus with W-band radar reflectivity profiles."   M.S. thesis by Wang, Jingyun.   Posted: June 6, 2003.

Circle images linked here are for one of the circle patterns from each flight. The images depict radar reflectivity from the nadir beam of the W-band instrument on the C-130. Posted February 7, 2003.

rf05 - Flow field in the radar scan plane.   Images found under this link show the results of the dual-Doppler analyses for the 10:30 to 10:58 circle. There are 15 pages of it. The flight altitude was 998 m. The grid spacing for these analyses is 25 m in the vertical and 22 m in the horizontal, though only every third point in the horizontal is shown in the figures. The images have roughly 2:1 horizontal to vertical aspect ratios. The horizontal winds represent the local deviation of the wind from the large-scale average in the vertical plane extendig down from the flight path. The narrower strips contain images of the reflectivity field and of the vertical velocity at 1:1 aspect ratio. The abscissa for these plots is the azimuth angle of the quasi-circular flight track, but time is also given. These analyses were done and the images were produced by David Leon.    Posted: December 5, 2002.

            "Rain rate - reflectivity relationship for marine stratus"   M.S. thesis by Qing Yang.   Posted: December 5, 2002.

            rf05 - Case of minumum drizzle. Part 2.    Posted: September 13, 2002.

            rf05 - Case of minumum drizzle. Part 1.    Posted: May 25, 2002.   Revised May 29, 2002.

            Z-R relationship from in-situ probe data.   Posted: May 5, 2002.

            Reference hydrometeor distributions.

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