Climates and Weather Explained, an Introduction

A book and a CD-ROM

Climates and Weather Explained integrates climatology and meteorology to present a comprehensive introduction to the study of the atmosphere. Clear explanations of basic principles, concepts and processes are supported by a wealth of highly informative illustrations and case studies.
This innovative textbook with an integral CD-ROM offers valuable insights into topical environmental concerns including: climate change, global warming, sustainable population, environmental degradation, agriculture and drought. By examining issues such as skin cancer, crop growth and air pollution, the relevance of weather and climate to our everyday lives is demonstrated.


Included with every copy of the book in hardback and paperback, the Student's CD-ROM is a unique resource of entirely additional material, closely interrelated with each chapter of the book itself.
Providing resources for practical work and advanced study the CD-ROM features:
In order to view PDF files, you must have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Available separately from the publisher, the Instructors' Resource Pack contains a copy of the paperback textbook, the Student's CD-ROM plus an additional Instructors' CD-ROM which contains a complete electronic (PDF) file of the textbook itself. The Instructors' CD-ROM will enable you to print and export sections of the textbook into your course handouts, and import examples, graphics and other materials into your own electronic presentations and lectures.

To accompany each sub-section of the textbook, the Instructors' CD-ROM features:

Machine Specifications To run the CD-ROMs you will need:

Windows PC:
Windows 3.1® (or later)
MS-DOS 6.2® (or later)
& 8 megabytes of free RAM
or Windows 95® 8 megabytes of free RAM
13" VGA colour monitor
CD-ROM drive (double speed or faster)

Apple Macintosh
Macintosh® system 7
68040 or higher recommended
8 megabytes of free RAM
13"colour monitor (9256 colours)

For further product information, please check out the Climate and Weather Explained flyer from Routledge.

Questions about ordering the book and CD-ROM need to be addressed to Routledge.

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