An invitation to contribute to
Resources in Atmospheric Sciences

The invitation

We (the authors) would like to include readers' contributions on our web site. This invitation was publicised at the 10th Conference on Applied Climatology in Oct '97 in Reno, USA, and will be featured at the 5th International Conference on School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographical Education in July 1999 in Melbourne, Australia.

We would greatly welcome any reader's ideas, surveys, unpublished (short) papers, tutorials or summaries of recent research in any area of atmospheric sciences, meteorology or climatology, which are of relevance to the topics covered in our book Climates and Weather Explained.

Suitable material would be in the form of a brief, self-contained article aimed at undergraduate students. We refer to such short articles as shorticles, published on our web site. Any contributed shorticle will be reviewed by us: Edward Linacre will review climatological subjects, Bart Geerts will focus on meteorological topics. If necessary submissions will be reviewed by one or more experts in the field. Following the review, the shorticle will be either:

  1. accepted as is;
  2. accepted subject to minor modifications;
  3. rejected.

Accepted shorticles will be posted at this site, and, where appropriate, links to related articles will be added within the shorticle. Contributing readers will receive prominent attribution.

The material on this web site is freely available to anyone. We do not own copyright, and material and pictures can be copied from our site. The use of this web site allows prompt and free publishing of attributed isolated nuggets of information. If you use this site as a resource, then please acknowledge us.

With regard to the scholarly value of your contributions, a report from Rutgers University observed, amongst university administrators in the USA, "a primary concern for quality control in scholarship as manifested by peer review, and an indifference to format (electronic or print) as long as the quality is evident and the contribution is widely accessible now and over time". You provide the quality; we ensure wide and long-term accessibility.

Materials should be submitted either to Bart Geerts (meteorology) or Edward Linacre (climatology), preferably in electronic format (other means of contacting us are welcome).


Guidelines for the submission of Shorticles

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