RICO - Rain in Cumulus over the Ocean, 2004

Supported by the National Science Foundation

Brief reports:

Workshop presentation - Jan 2006.   

"Co-location of aircraft and radar data - II."   Revised report, posted Nov. 30, 2005.

"The January 18-19, 2005 mini_cyclone. A quick note."

" Intercomparison of LWC data from C-130 and King Air in-trail flight, Dec 19, 2004."

GV's flight summaries:

            dec09             dec10             dec13             dec17             dec19             jan05             jan09             jan11             jan14             jan16             jan17             jan18             jan19             jan23             jan24


           Photos from the field project.

            UW crew.


 Proposal to NSF.


 Bjorn Stevens' RICO page.  
 Wyoming King Air   flight calendar and information for RICO.
 Wyoming Cloud Radar flight calendar for RICO, with links to quicklook data and flight photos.


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