Brief reports.

            * To proceed to the reports click here.   This is a parking place for results from recent work.

Overview documents.

            Article to appear in March or April 2003 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

            A summary of the field project, written by B. Stevens,D. Lenschow and V. Savic-Jovcic is available through this link   


  Bjorn Steven's page: The core project.
  The JOSS data archive: Field catalog and data base.
  The RAF site: Flight information. 
  The WCR home page, with further links to the DYCOMS data.


   Photos from the field project.

Proposal documents:

  UW OFAP Request for additional C-130 flights - July 6, 2000.

  Drizzle formation. Portion of NSF proposal submitted end of July 2000.


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