Ontario Winter Lake-effect Systems (OWLeS)

Field phase : 5-21 December 2013, and 4-29 January 2014 (43 days in total)         Operations Center: campus of SUNY Oswego

The OWLeS project aims to examine the formation mechanisms, cloud microphysics, boundary layer processes and dynamics of lake-effect systems, through the deployment of an array of atmospheric sensors around Lake Ontario in the winter of 2013-2014. OWLeS is a collaborative project involving universities within the region and across the US, as well as the Center of Severe Weather Research and NOAA. OWLeS is supported by the National Science Foundation. Specifically, NSF is supporting two collaborative proposals, one focusing on short-fetch bands under northerly wind (PI: Kristovich) and another focusing on long-fetch bands under westerly wind (PI: Geerts), and a third proposal from the University of Utah (PI: Steenburgh). The latter examines orographic effects of lake-effect snow, over the Tug Hill plateau. At least one modelling-focused proposal is in preparation.







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