Specific weather topics

Mostly severe weather phenomena ...



Lightning and fires

      ATSR World Fire Atlas Project, derived from ERS-2 ATSR-2, by ESA

      JRC's World Fire Web, derived from NOAA AVHRR, by JRC

      MODIS Thermal Anomalies, derived from MODIS, by NASA

      Fire Monitoring Worldwide


Tropical cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons

* All you ever wanted to know about tropical cyclones, by Chris Landsea, Hurricane Research Division

* hurricanes !, a good educational site (mainly college level)

* Images/movies of hurricanes, from NCDC

* Hurricanes and climate change, by the US Global Change Research Program

* current hurricanes in the Atlantic, from Florida State University

* Current tropical cyclones globally, from the University of Hawaii

* Current tropical cyclones globally, from the Naval Research Lab


Optical phenomena


Severe weather

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