Weather radar

  • Training

      Some short courses on radar meteorology, by NOAAs Operational Support Facility in Norman OK [designed for forecasters]

      NOAA's Operations Training Branch : practical info on the WSR 88-D

      Clear-air radar observations of a sea breeze front (nice theory)

      applet to obtain beam height and width as function of range and elevation angle

      atmospheric science observing systems, by NCAR ASP

      composite radar imagery and RUC analyses for the July 14-15 1998 MCS: role of LL shear and water vapor (Tuttle et al, 2003)

  • USA

      Current WSR-88D imagery, plus national composite, from NCAR RAP, NOAA, U Michigan, U Wyoming

      8 km and 2 km composite radar reflectivity over the USA, from the Global Hydrology and Climate Center, Huntsville (~30 min old, zoom in to a 2 km resolution)(login: virga password: Drizzle)

      archive of images for the last two weeks, both NIDS variables for all WSR-88D radars, and regional composites, from NCAR RAP

      archive of 8 km US reflectivity composite data, since 1995, from the National Climate Data Center

      Intellicom: radar summary of my own part of the world: animation, cell movement, precip type (commercial!)

      Stormwatch (radar composites and severe weather watches)

  • current radar reflectivity imagery elsewhere

      Canada, from Environment Canada


      Europe (simplified)

      Australia, from the Bureau of Meteorology

Please let me know if you know of a site that shows operational real-time radar imagery from other places around the world.

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