North America

         University . List of all university weather servers. The best ones include:

o        University of Wyoming

o        Weathernet, from the University of Michigan (surface weather and satellite - easy to use)

o        Ohio State Univ (good satellite imagery and model data)

o        The Daily Planet, from the University of Illinois

o        Oklahoma Weather Roundup, from the University of Oklahoma

o        plot your own weather charts, by Plymouth State College

o        Earthcast, weather and climate from the University of Maryland (includes longterm progs, 6 days - 1 year)

o        Water, Weather and Climate, from Scripps in San Diego

o        the Weather Processor of Unisys/Purdue University (the +48h 4-panel-eta progs are updated around 16Z and the +72h 6-panel-avn progs are updated around 17Z)

o        composite satellite images and progs, from the Univ of Wisconsin @ Madison

o        Current Weather Page, from Texas A&M University

o        Agricultural weather: Univ. of Kentucky

o        jet stream analysis, from SFSU

o        isentropic charts, from St Louis


o        The NWS Interactive Weather page, including radar

o        The weather underground: current/archived obs and NWS forecasts, in the US and anywhere in the world

o        Plot your own weather charts - any model variable (current or archived), from NOAA Air Resources Lab

o        Trajectories – forward or backward – using past or current model velocities, from NOAA ARL (user: bart.geerts; passwd: hlcs5219)

o        facsimile charts (black and white, TIF format) from the NWS (gif versions of difax are available from the U.Wyoming)

o        text observations and forecasts in the USA, from the NWS

o        real-time weather data, from Greg Thomson at NCAR RAP

o        US National Severe Storms Laboratory

o        forecast products, from the NOAA forecast systems lab, Boulder (including LAPS/MM5)

o        NCEP models: ETA, AVN, RUC, MRF

o        ETA meteograms for all US cities

o        NOGAPS and COAMPS, from the US Navy

o        Medium range progs, from the Climate Diagnostics Center

o        Datastreme (AMS) with simplified images


o        Florida observations and forecasts, and hurricane watch

o        California and Western US weather, from SFSU

o        Tornado alley : storm chasers (N/A)

o        tropical cyclones (hurricanes) around the world, from NCEP

o        weather of Hawai’i, from the Univ. of Hawai’I

o        Weather of Canada, by Environment Canada

o        Weather of Canada, from the Univ. of Michigan

o        Mexico: radar imagery, prognostic charts, and weather/climate bulletins

o        MM5 simulations

1.      Pacific Northwest, from the University of Washington

2.      Intramountain West , from the University of Utah

3.      BEST SITE global MM5, from NCAR

4.      Oklahoma, from NSSL

5.      Southeast and continental US, from the University of Alabama in Huntsville

6.      Midwest, from Ohio State

o        RAMS - Chesapeake and surroundings, from NOAA ARL


o        current weather advisories, from Freese-Notis

o        Earthwatch, 3-D satellite imagery and storm warnings...

o        weather at ski resorts, from the Weather Underground

o        allright, here is the Weather Channel

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