Cyclogenesis over the Southern Ocean

E. Linacre and B. Geerts


Cloud vortices observed by satellite over the Southern Ocean indicate three main areas where lows originate (1). These are

  1. over the south Atlantic, east of South America, near Enderby Island on the coast of Antarctica at about 50 ° E, and further east,
  2. from Kerguelen Island at about 70 ° E to South Australia (with cyclolysis near Adelieland at 140 ° E on the coast of Antarctica), and
  3. in the central Pacific (with cyclolysis in the Bellingsen Sea at 90 ° W off the Antarctic coast).



(1) Streten, N.A. and A.J. Troup 1973. A synoptic climatology of satellite observed cloud vortices over the Southern Hemisphere. Quart. J. Roy. Meteor Soc., 99, 56-72.