ii. Assessing a report


Teachers and reviewers often have to grade reports, which is commonly done rather subjectively. Also, if the assessment is non-numerical (eg in terms of Greek letters), more arbitrariness is involved in adding it to other marks, to achieve an overall grade. Better is a numerical assessment based on explicit criteria, such as the following ABCDE aspects -

Equal weight might be given to each aspect. Thus, a total mark out of 20, say, would include a mark out of 4 for accuracy, and so on. A mark of 2 out of 4 would be satisfactory, 3 would be good, 4 perfect. Such marks show the writer where in particular some improvement is needed.


Examination questions that ask students to 'Discuss X' should contain the following at least -

Questions which ask for a 'comparison of A and B' should be answered with the following at least -