Climates and Weather Explained: an Introduction

Errata in the book ...

  1. p. ix (in the Preface): the website address given is incorrect. It should be
  2. p. 131 (Fig 7.2): The temperature in the lee (right) of the mountain should be 24° C, not 25° C.
  3. p. 174 (Section 9.3, 3rd paragraph): 'Most success in cloud seeding has been achieved with convective cold clouds'. This should read: 'Most success in cloud seeding has been achieved with cold clouds (i.e. whose tops are above the freezing level), especially those with cloud tops at temperatures between -5 and -20 C. Ice is always present in deep-convective clouds (those with cloud tops near the tropopause where the temperature is below -40 C), therefore little effect can be expected from seeding those clouds.'
  4. p. 231 (add, following: 'to the right of the wind in the northern hemisphere.') The theoretical consequence of Fig 11.13 is that a floating buoy moves in the direction of the surface wind, an (almost) entirely submerged raft moves at 45 to the wind, and a large iceberg moves at right angles to it, to the right in the northern hemisphere. This does not quite happen in reality because there are other forces that act on the ocean currents (Section 11.5).
  5. Section 12.7: improve discussion of ENSO dynamics as a positively feeding air-sea interaction.
  6. p. 363: the diagram in Fig 16.8 should be the one shown on p 364 in Fig 16.9, and vice versa. The captions are in the correct places.
  7. p.390: The name against Figs 8.12 and 8.18 should be Davis, not Davies.

The authors would appreciate the communication of any error in the book or CD.