ATSC 5008 Mesoscale Meteorology

Fall 2015


course materials:

chap 1 what is the mesoscale? (ppt)

chap 2 basic equations & tools  (ppt) - this ppt file simply contains figures from the book, mainly from sections 2.5-2.7. You may also want to use a ppt file about pressure perturbations (section 2.5), a slide show I used in the past. This year I used the blackboard more for section 2.5, following the textbook.

chap 3 mesoscale instabilities (ppt)  - this ppt file mainly contains figures from the book, to help with the discussion. Only Chap 3.5 (shear instability) is covered this year,  mostly on the blackboard.

chap 4 - not covered in 2015 -  the boundary layer (ppt) and low-level jets (ppt, based on chap 4.7 and 13.2)

chap 5 - not covered in 2015 - mesoscale airmass boundaries (ppt)

chap 6 -mesoscale gravity waves (ppt) - this ppt file contains some illustrations of wave clouds, and several figures from the book. This year we skip undular bores (Section 6.6)

chap 7 -  not covered in 2015 - convective initiation (ppt)

chap 8 -  not covered in 2015 -organization of isolated convection (ppt) (no shear) (strong shear) and, for chapter 8.4, supercell dynamics (ppt)

chap 9 - not covered in 2015 - mesoscale convective systems (ppt)

chap 11: thermally forced orographic circulations (ppt)

chap 12: orographic waves and downslope windstorms (ppt)

chap 13: flow over 3D terrain, isolated peaks (ppt)

chap 13: blocked flow and cold-air damming (ppt)

extra: effects of terrain on precipitation (ppt) (from chapter 12 in Houze, 2014)

extra: small-scale terrain impacts on precipitation (ppt)


some weather links

Local weather        

region  sfc obs (lp)

conus RAP surface

LAR obs last 24 hrs

LAR wunderground   

CYS NWS radar   

conus RAP radar   

Oolman weather (model)

Oolman comp analysis

region VIS 

region IR

GOES global

US/Canada sfc data  

conus sfc anal + IR


24 hr radar mosaic

msfc global satellite


SPC mesoanalysis RTMA

Operational models: NAM GFS - PSU e-wall  - NCEP - College of DuPage

Mesoscale models: NCAR 10 km WRF (Rockies) CSU (12 km) NCEP fire wx

weather gun U Utah LAPS (5 km CO & WY) Pacific Northwest
UW - Ovens - loops

prog soundings (NOAA)

prog soundings (twisterdata)

Bufkit PSU 

WRF user

ensemble CDC

observed precip (MBRFC)

sfc & UA map archive

SPC U. Wash

 NARR data archive

CFSR data archive

KNMI Climate Explorer EU GFS radar BC obs sfc      NOAA Data View Portal - daily, last decade  

Climate: Precip anomaly WWA T anomaly more (Eu)  CPC T P Climate prediction  EU T P

Snow depth  (Snowies) Crow Creek Brooklyn Lake Old Battle Reanalysis composites