ATSC 3032, Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Spring 2013


Study materials

Lecture powerpoints & links

Listed below are a number of ppt files and external links. This material is by no means comprehensive, rather, it supplements the course. Please do not download the files that are marked under construction () yet. I will make an effort to finalize a topic a few hours before the lecture where that topic is discussed.


Lab materials

        Unidata IDV workshop

Some useful weather links

region  sfc obs (lp)

conus RAP surface

LAR obs last 24 hrs

LAR wunderground   

CYS NWS radar   

conus RAP radar   

Oolman weather (model)

Oolman comp analysis

region VIS 

region IR

GOES global

US/Canada sfc data  

conus sfc anal + IR


24 hr radar mosaic

msfc global satellite


SPC mesoanalysis RTMA

SPC sounding analysis

lightning (US)

Operational models: NAM GFS - PSU e-wall  - NCEP

Mesoscale models: NCAR 10 km WRF (Rockies) CSU (12 km)

weather gun UW - Ovens - loops LAPS (5 km CO & WY) Pacific Northwest

prog soundings (RUC) Snowy Range 41.36,-106.32

prog soundings (NAM, RUC, GFS ...)

Bufkit PSU 

WRF user

ensemble CDC - PSU -SREF

observed precip (MBRFC)

sfc & UA map archive

SPC U. Wash

NARR data archive

CFSR data archive