Graduate Assistantship Opportunities in Atmospheric Science
MS and PhD –Graduate Assistantship includes full stipend,
full tuition and fees, and health insurance

  1. Studies of Marine Stratocumulus during VOCALS – Leon, Snider
  2. Ice Generation in Tropical Clouds – Leon, Wang, Snider
  3. Wintertime Orographic Precipitation Enhancement –Geerts, Snider
  4. Airborne and ground-based studies of aerosol, water vapor, clouds and precipitation in complex terrain (several positions) - Geerts, Snider, Wang, and French
  5. Multiple sensor cloud retrieval algorithm development – Wang
  6. Mixed-phase cloud characterization with surface, airborne, and satellite measurements – Wang
  7. Airborne lidar system developments and their application for cloud and aerosol study – Wang
  8. Understanding cloud microphysical processes with remote sensing observation – Wang
  9. Spatial and temporal air quality assessment of air pollution related to winter-time ozone production in the Upper Green Basin of Wyoming – Field, Montague
  10. Trajectory analysis of volatile organic compounds from oil and gas development in the Upper Green Basin of Wyoming – Field, Montague.
  11. Airborne instrument characterization and algorithm development – Rodi, French



University of Wyoming
Department of Atmospheric Science
Dept. 3038
1000 E. University Avenue
Laramie, WY 82071 USA